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I would like an Adamant/Naive Landorus and will give you: a Shiny Kyurem (Timid) or any item minus a Master Ball or a Mega Stone in-game.

I want: an Arceus/Darkrai/Meloetta for the above.

Also would like a 6IV Ditto for: Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres/Mewtwo.

Scrabble Tournament Letters:
L, T, K, S, G, H

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I got that long ago.
3 days ago by Azelfeo
Sorry, I don't have any Diancies for sale... There is that other Diancie but that's not for sale either.

The first Diancie is my most favorite Pokemon. The second Diancie is super rare. The first one is trained in my special way that's actually effective in battle! The second one wasn't touched much, but I still want to keep it (because it's... "Shiny"). I could give you the shiny Diancie, but that's a slim chance. I'd have to think about it.
Nov 10 by Azelfeo
Good to hear! Let me know if anything else comes up.
Nov 7 by Fizz
And yep, anything you see on the 'format' dropdown counts as a ladder game unless it says otherwise, i.e. don't select 'unrated random battle'.
Nov 2 by Fizz
Having trouble in the super battle tree?
Nov 2 by Hórus
So I assume your alt is already a week old? It's probably a good idea to get that ladder game in then. I'm confident this simply means going to the main server and winning a game: and if it doesn't, I'll have a chat with the server's higher-ups about whether we turn mod chat off.
Oct 31 by Fizz
If it's not letting you chat, you have to register your Showdown account. You can do that by clicking the settings button in the top right corner of the UI. I think there's also a seven-day timer for brand new alts, but if you've had your alt for a while, that shouldn't be an issue.
Oct 30 by Fizz
I was rushing so I did a simple EV spread of 252 HP/252 Def. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the most common spread. For Tapu Lele, I would recommend 252 SpA EVs and a Timid Nature for better speed.

Also why did you hide your Heliolisk question (https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/314544/is-heliolisk-viable-in-the-battle-tree?show=314553#a314553)? Just curious. I had to go to class in school, and was gonna edit later, but it’s fine.
Oct 30 by X-Scizor
Yes, I was looking at you here: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/313524/what-are-useful-partners-for-landorus-t-in-ou - And then I came to your wall.
Oct 13 by Azelfeo
Whoa you changed your grav and it looks great! Your grav looks more like a boss now but I'm still kinda used to seeing that Dragonite. *It was then Landorus lifted his left eyebrow when he heard bad news and replied with, "What?!"*

You should catch a Landorus and name him Ed.
Oct 12 by Azelfeo