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Gender: [email protected]
Country: UK - County Alola
Favorite Pokémon: Gengar, Mega Lucario, Shiny Mega Metagross, Dragonite
Friend Codes: 1049-3912-1524
Showdown!: EdDaBoss
About me: Hi, it's me, EdDaBoss! I am a general nerd and Pokemon Fan!
Favourite Pokemon by Type:
Normal: Heliolisk
Grass: Sceptile
Water: Feraligatr
Fire: Blaziken
Electric: Lanturn
Ice: Articuno
Fighting: Lucario
Poison: Salazzle (Shiny)
Ground: Flygon
Flying: Shiny Yanmega
Psychic: Latias
Bug: Volcarona
Rock: Gigalith (Shiny)/Aerodactyl-Mega
Ghost: Giratina
Dragon: Dragonite
Dark: Umbreon
Steel: Metagross (Shiny)
Fairy: Gardevoir
Mega: Aerodactyl-Mega
Legendary: Latias
UB: Celesteela
Lvl 100 Shiny Jolly Salamence with 5IV for Arceus/Mew/Darkrai
Lvl 100 Shiny Adamant Tyranitar with 6IV for the above
Trainer Class: Battle Legend
First Shiny: Beldum
First HA Pokemon: Bagon
First Mythical: Genesect (Shiny)
Favourite PokeBall: The normal PokeBall!
Favourite Item: Weakness Policy
Favourite Pokemon Game: Platinum and Ultra Sun
Favourite Move: Flash Cannon
Favourite Type: Steel
Least Favourite Type: Fighting
Most Hated Ability: Magic Guard
Favourite Pokemon YouTuber: aDrive
Hit me up on Showdown! (http://pokemondatabase.psim.us/) and challenge me! I will usually accept if I'm not revising for exams! I like playing Competetive and suggesting for other peoples teams! Ask me questions on my wall and get answers.
- eXcess (my first friend here!)
- Fizz (for being a nice guy in general)
- SeeYaLater (My first battle on Showdown!)
- Molthree (Why am I always beaten on Showdown?)
- Helix716 (Your Altaria -> Bane of my Existence!)

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we have the same quantity of upvotes and downvotes lol
Jun 26 by Olli
Check Helix716’s wall please
Jun 25 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
Oh ok coming from a Competetive expert I'm listening
Jun 23 by EdDaBoss
I don't know about everyone, but I like being able to change teams whenever I want because I might realize that my team sucks halfway through the tournament and want to fix it. I also don't like when people watch my replays to find out which moves I'm using and prevent me from surprising them.
Jun 22 by sumwun
Nah I think one team per the whole thing coz otherwise people can steal other people's teams. Again though this is my opinion.
Jun 22 by EdDaBoss
No, you can use a new team every game if you want.

You should be able to find the OU rules on smogon, but basically anything Uber is banned and there are certain clauselike sleep clause.
Jun 22 by PX ™
Also is it one team for the whole tournament or is it a new team per battle
Jun 22 by EdDaBoss
Yeah but sumwun is probably gna use a Tapu Fini against everyone. When he brings a stall Team can you DQ him on the spot.
Jun 22 by EdDaBoss
The reason WHY there are legends and mythicals in OU and under is because they aren’t even that good lmao. Should we ban Articuno now? Or Regirock? People don’t even use most of these so called “overpowered” legends and mythicals anyways.
Jun 21 by EvilTwinNeedle™️