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I am using a Victini that I have asked in a prior question, but I am wondering what EV spread to use for this event victini in doubles partnered up with reshiram and zecrom?

Item(Life orb)
Ability: Vicrory star
- Fusion flare
-Fusion bolt
- Searing shot (To hit multple opponents at once, plus it is not very effective against reshiram and zecrom)
- V-create(OP)


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I suggest 252 In speed and Atk and 4Sp.D because strongest water moves are range and it works with Victini's moveset along with Reshiram and Zekroms movepool.

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Ok, but I am courious about why not attack. It would add some heavy punch into V-create and fusion bolt. and fusion flares power is doubled from fusion bolt
So you plane to run alongside Zekrom? Also, he did say max attack.
Sorry, thought he said SpAt, Can't read ;)