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Gender: Joltiemon or male whatever your preference.
Country: Goat city in central U.S other wise known as Missouri
Favorite Pokémon: Jolteon
Friend Codes: 5172-5091-6942
About me: I am a moderator for GameFaqs & I have completed  the following storyline pokemon games
Moon 2 times
Ultra Moon 1 time
X 13 times
Y 4 times
Ruby 8 times
Sapphire 1 time
White 9 times
Black 7 times
White 2 and Black 2 completed each once *thought they were pretty boring*
I have completed Diamond 3 times
Pearl 14 times
 and I have completed Pokemon Yellow a whopping 19 times my record for yellow is game completion in 38 minutes & 42 seconds timed by my phone. so it may be a few minutes off.

***About me***
 I'm a vegatarian I got in to pokemon at 4  I finished all these games by the time I was 11 my birthday is Jan.7 my least favorite pokemon of all time is Starmie be cause of some bad Meta, Post, and Smogon game experience, showdown as well. and I refuse to accept it's greatness over jolteon despite a type disadvantage on Starmie's part OU 6 gens in a row my ass.
 I'm also a hard core Super Smash Bros fan I'm an Ike user my favorite move is, Link and Toon Links grab. my least favorite and probably the worst in the game is Pk Fire I feel sorry for the Super Smashers who payed for Luca, Hell villager is harder to beat lol.

***Friend list***
{Please apply for friend list below with your name and why YOU qualify for friend status if you qualify I'll register you this is me asking you to put it below}

•Evil Twin Needle A.K.A, ET (ET has been registered as a friend for letting me make funny skits in the comments of his serious suggestions on the Meta lol.)
•Seeyoulater (Seeyoulater has been registered due to her AMAZING talent go say uhhhhh for 4 hours straight.)

***Favorite Pokemon by type***
Megaform:Mega Gyrados

***Some Poems***
     *Pokemon Go*
I admit I do not understand
People staring at their hands

A tiny screen controls their eyes
Electronic lows and highs

Folks all wander to and fro
Directed by Pokémon Go

One's free will is all but dead
With Nintendo now deep in your head

It's great to be out in the sun
But, can you really call this fun

The best part though, I think to me
Is the collisions between man and tree!

                   ***Hey You, Jolteon***
Hey you, Jolteon
You have me searching the tall grass
all in the hopes of finding you
Won't you come to me at last?

Against you, I'd never fight,
nor would I ever run away
I'd keep you warm on the coldest night,
and dream of you till we woke next day

The only one fainting would be me,
anytime you used attract
I'd keep you safe and status free
I promise to always have your back

I'd never think of capturing you
You deserve every freedom, every chance
You're the only one who I'd choose,
and never give another a second glance

Moltres is red, Articuno is blue
You have no wings, nor can you use fly,
but you have heart, through and through,
and you won me over without a try

For you, I'd step in front of a Charizard
Beat Team Rocket if steal you they tried
Take your place in any hazard
For you, I would surely die

Would you come with me and be mine?
Fill up the Poké Ball in my heart?
If you would, that would be sublime,
but if you don't, I might fall apart
I choose you <3

                ***Pokemon Love***
Charmanders are Red, Squirtles are blue
If you were a Pokemon I'd choose you.
Your smile is stronger then a Hyper-beam.
Like Jessie and James  we'd make the perfect

I'll stay by your side like Pikachu and Ash,
And I'll love you more then a level 80 Rapidash.
You're more legendary than a Zapdos,
Entei, or Mew.

But out of all 150, I choose you.


-------☻☻------PUT THIS ----☻☻-☻☻----RIBBON ---☻☻---☻☻---ON YOUR ---☻☻---☻☻---PAGE IF ----☻☻---☻☻---YOU'RE ----☻☻-☻☻----AGAINST -----☻☻☻------SMOKING ----☻☻-☻☻------THANK YOU

-------❖︎❖︎------PUT THIS ----❖︎❖︎-❖︎❖︎----RIBBON ---❖︎❖︎---❖︎❖︎---ON YOUR ---❖︎❖︎---❖︎❖︎---PAGE IF ----❖︎❖︎---❖︎❖︎---YOUR ----❖︎❖︎-❖︎❖︎----FAVORITE -----❖︎❖︎❖︎------BRICK WALL

-------☻☻------PUT THIS ----☻☻-☻☻----RIBBON ---☻☻---☻☻---ON YOUR ---☻☻---☻☻---PAGE IF ----☻☻---☻☻---YOU'RE ----☻☻-☻☻----AGAINST -----☻☻☻------PUTTING RIBBONS ----☻☻-☻☻------ ON YOUR PAGE ----☻☻-☻☻------THANK YOU
First shiny was Giratina Beileve it or not (don't it's a total lie it was gogoat)
Favorite Pokemon: of course it's my username it's the great the mighty jolte-Alolololoma since 1977
Favorite YouTube video: So this is basically Pokemon
Best YouTube vid: So this is basically Pokemon
Phone number 1800-goat-city

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Apr 1 by neo magius
Hello. Nice to meet you!
Dec 19, 2021 by -VoltMadness-
Dec 19, 2021 by Pogokira
Hey, nice to see you alive again. Even though I didn’t personally know you, I’ve seen you around and it’s a pleasure to meet you!
Dec 19, 2021 by Stephwheel8
I’m alive
Dec 19, 2021 by Joltiemon GoAt
Hey, it's been a while. Glad to see I made your friends list lol
Jan 25, 2021 by Matt.
named my jolteon after you :')
Dec 11, 2020 by CC ☽
joltie ><
Apr 13, 2020 by CC ☽
I also love your poem about Jolteon. ^-^
Nov 5, 2019 by SylveonFairy2019
I love that picture! You gota send me the picture! ^-^
Nov 5, 2019 by SylveonFairy2019