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joltie ><
Apr 13 by CC ™
I also love your poem about Jolteon. ^-^
Nov 5, 2019 by SylveonFairy2019
I love that picture! You gota send me the picture! ^-^
Nov 5, 2019 by SylveonFairy2019
come back, my friend
Jun 9, 2019 by CC ™
Nah. Greninja is a bit too pink and fluffy for my taste.
Also what's your GameFaqs username?
Mar 5, 2019 by sumwun
Also don't post things like did you actually kick me from chat in Pokebase. All that does is annoy us.
Mar 4, 2019 by PX ™
If you mean about which Hoenn starter was better, I ask other auth and they agreed that it was a bit too subjective and open ended.
Mar 4, 2019 by PX ™
oh uhhhhhhhhhh See you later!
Mar 3, 2019 by Joltiemon GoAt
Im a she lol.
Mar 3, 2019 by SeeYaLater!
ahhhhh you're back :)
Mar 2, 2019 by CC ™