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Basically I heard the pokewalker is one of the easiest ways to level up if you do a lot of walking day by day. However I also read on bulbapedia that Pokemon levelled up on the pokewalker are weaker than Pokemon not levelled up on it because they get no ev's from the pokewalker.

So I'm was wondering if this is a good strategy--> Level up your Pokemon to level 100 with the pokewalker on HG/SS, then transfer them to black and white (because your ev's still go up on B/W at level 100 and they don't on HG/SS) and do ev training there and use protein, calcium etc to get there ev's up.

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That is a great strategy to use, being as EV Training is easier on Pokemon B/W. Not much else can be said here, except if you have Pokerus in HG/SS, add it to the Pokemon you want to transfer, to make EV Training easier. Also, make sure that your Pokemon has a Beneficial Nature, so that your EV Training doesn't go to waste.

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I'd level up to about a bit less than 100 with pokewalker,
because then the exp you get won't be wasted.

Cheers man you make a valid point i'll level it up to 98