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Okay, I got a level 13 Timburr with PKRS and a power item (for attack and others, please recommend). The nature is Adamant (Atk+ SpAtk-) and planning to EV train in attack plus others. I fed Timburr correct vitamins and then KO'ed 15 lillipups, then another without the power item. I then leveled it up with a rare candy. After that, I saw that the attack stat only went up by 3. Am I doing this right?

*Additional comments: Sorry I posted this late, I am on vacation. PLEASE DON'T HIDE THIS!!! I really don't know how to EV train and no matter what I do, I still don't get it. Please, give me some suggestions on my Timburr and other Pokemon for a trick room team, plus some on how to EV train. (sorry if it's too long) ;)


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You expected it to go up a lot more, I see. Here's the main thing:

I'm sure you know that 4 EVs = 1 stat point. You can see this best when your Pokemon is at Level 100. At Level 13, the stat doesn't show as much as it would have if was Level 100. So lower levels basically get a lower stat increase. But it will come back as you gain more levels.

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So, should I level my pokemon to a higher level before I start EV training? Another question: how do you EV train at level 100?
Another thing, was I doing it correctly???
The Stat Points aren't automatically applied when you level-up after 4 EV points are collected.