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Gender: A girl shiny haxorus with boyish traits, age/level somewhere in middle school
Country: U.S.A. !
Favorite Pokémon: Haxorus, Charizard, Zoroark, Eevee, Mew, The Legendary Beasts (plus other duos and trios), and most water type and dragon type pokemon.
Friend Codes: White: 2237-7865-6473
Name: Trip

3DS: 3926-5384-0240
Name: Miranda

White 2: 2237-9403-3116
Name: Miranda

More to come soon! ^-^

Adam.-Awesome Adam is Awesome!
StarsignOfTheAbyss-Cool person
DB~Valet-Gave nice compliments and my BFFL here. :3
RedtheLEGEND-Liked my name
Dragoonair-Luv that name, and an awesome person. :)
PikaPals-Creative person.
TERKOIZ-Awesome boy, like, one of my good friends.
Dark_Breeder-Asked to be on here
!♪~IndigoSapphire~♪!-I like how SHE wants to be an expert so bad. :)
ShaiShai8-Followed me on Tumblr and wanted me to add.

Call me X-Char or ML on chat and you shall be on this list. :D

I dunno

P.S. You can call me X-Char or X-Charizard, Xtreme, Charizard101, XC101 or something like that.
About me: Status: Online, but idle at times.

ACTIVITY NOTE: I normally stay logged in, but I may not physically be on. I'm normally inactive from late night to the afternoon the next day, and I may be inactive for a few hours after that.

And I may decide to not come on. I'm never dead, and I didn't leave, so don't freak out if I'm not here. :P

Hi there, my name is ??? and welcome to my profile! Well, my name isn't actually three question marks, I'll tell you if you ask me kindly. :3 I'm a shy, quiet girl that is not very good at socialization. I don't tend to annoy you, but if I do, I'm either joking around, or I didn't mean to. I usually just do so by asking questions, so... yeah. I like Pokemon, and still learning about the real Pokemon world, competitive. I like UU, but not very good though. Pokemon, right now, is kind of my life, along with Minecraft, and other stuff. Thanks for visiting my profile!

I also like to battle, either on PS or regular cartridge.

I accept trade requests, and I may need an hour or so to get ready. I trade shinies, don't ask me how, but I can only make the pokemon shiny if they are breedable. Ask me about the other pokemon if you want them shiny if they are not breedable.

See you on chat! If I plan to come on.

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Silent wall :(
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are you still alive???
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D: are you still active?
Aug 3, 2015 by PikaPals
That Suicune = [email protected]$$.
Mar 7, 2015 by Ætherborn Rogue
You said you would be active, I guess that lasted for less than a week :/
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Liar >~>
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I am Expert. I got it months ago. :'D
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Wb ;>
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