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Alright so, I've been playing Pokemon since I was 7 years old. I'm 16 now and want to enter the competitive world of Pokemon. Since I was 14 I herd about Ev training, but never fully understood how to Ev train. I've looked at this sites explanation of what Ev training is...hehe I understood a little bit of what it was but as I tested myself by breeding my entire team, making sure I have the right natures for my teams, getting the right personality, and even chain breeding. I still can't get the acquired stats I want. For example I've Ev trained my Salamance's attack by using 10 protiens, then defeating a lage amount of Lillypups and Patrats. Got his attack up to 395 with his nature being lonely, but on this web site its saying that his MAX+ stats is 405. HOW DO I GET THAT?! I've wasted what seems months trying to get my team to have max+ stats and can't get it....need help :c

There are also factors called ivs which determine your stats. You should check out showdown

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Okay, every Pokemon can have a maximum of 510 EVs, and 255 EVs in every stat. Every 4 EVs a Pokemon gets will give it 1 point in whatever stat the EVs are for, so because 255 doesn't divide evenly, the maximum number you want to go for is 252 for your Pokemon.

Since you're familiar, every Pokemon has an EV attributed to it, which you gain by defeating them in battle. You can check and see on their pokedex page to see exactly what, or go here.

Typically when you start training for EVs, you use vitamins to get some quick points and count the Pokemon up. You can also use the brace items, which lower your speed, but increase your gains even faster. If you're lucky enough to have something called the Pokerus, then that doubles the amount of EVs you get. While it's very rare to get ingame, it's fairly easy to get by trading online with people.

If you have 252 EVs for a Pokemon's stat, then you've maxed out that Pokemon's stat for them. Of course, there are two other factors you have to worry about. You need A beneficial nature and Individual Values, or IVs. IVs are random numbers given to a Pokemon up to 31, the higher the better. Only a Pokemon with 31 IVs will be able to have that perfect stat you're after. If you search around here, there are ways to breed Pokemon and let them inherit one of those IVs from their parent.

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Okay so how do i know when the pokemon has 31 IV's? :O
You dont
There are trainers that can tell you about your pokemon's highest IV, and they will give you a message if it it 31.
lol i have pokemon white, is there any trainer that tells me? I think its the guy in the nimbasa city.
you can also use the online calculator to check ivs.