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So recently I been EV training my aron in defense by beating kakunas and metapods in Ilex forest
My aron has pokerus and a power brace and if each kakuna and metapod give 2 EVs in defense
but when I plus all the elements I get 2 results which one is right?

Result 1: 2 EVs (metapod and kauna) 4 EVs of the power brace x 2 PKRS=12 EVs per battle

Result 2: 2 EVs plus pokerus= 4 plus 4 EVs of the power brace= 8 EVs per battle


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Short Answer

First one. (i.e. 12 EVs)

Long Answer (accompanied by some maths and a formula from Smogon)

>The fastest EV training is done with a combination of Pokerus and a Power Item, earning EVs at this rate per battle:

>(y + 4) * 2

>where y is the amount of EVs you would earn alone.

Metapod and Kakuna give out 2 EVs each. In this case, y is 2 .

Power Bracer adds 4 EVs to every battle, add that to the 2 for each Metapod/ Kakuna you defeat, you get 6 EVs for every battle fought.

(2 + 4) 2 = 6 2 = 12

Smogon's EV training guide - Pokerus

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