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Basically what I had in mind is that you complete the Pokemon Ruby Game and pick up EV Reducing Berries as you go along because there is a lot of them, then give them to a Pokemon and migrate them to Heart Gold/ Soul Silver then migrate them to Black/ White 2 and you've got a load of EV Reducing Berries.

The reason I asked this question is because in Pokemon Ruby the berries are only used for Pokeblock Ingredients AND NOT ACTUALLY FOR REDUCING EV'S. As the EV Reducing Berries were not invented until Pokemon Emerald. Because of this there is a lot of them that can by regrown.

Because they could not actually reduce a Pokemon's EV's in Ruby I'm wondering If they could reduce a Pokemon's EV's in a more modern game if given to a Pokemon and then migrated over as the software has been updated on the more modern games for the Berries to reduce a Pokemon EV's.

I speculated that this could possibly work and you could have access to more EV Reducing Berries than you can on Black/ White 2 because as I'm aware I think you can only get the Berries after defeating The Black Tower/ White Treehollow and even then you only get one.

One Berry for all that effort seriously I wouldn't have even bothered if you didn't get a Shiny Gible/ Dratini afterwards.

Does anyone see a flawed in this plan? I mean unlimited EV Reducing Berries because you can grow them and then transfer them over to a game where they actually reduce EV's unlike in Ruby where they can only be used as ingredients for Pokeblock.

For those that don't know the Berries I'm talking about are Pomeg Berry, Kelpsy Berry, Qualot Berry, Hondew Berry, Grepa Berry and the Tamato Berry.
Do the EV berries reduce a pokemon's EV in pokemon black and white? or only in Emerald?
Yeah. They decrease those EVs in every game they exist in.
Apart from Ruby and Sapphire
Ok was just wondering because he said in Ruby their only use for ingredients
Yeah the berries that decrease EV's in all the Pokemon games were only used as Pokeblock ingredients in Ruby and Sapphire. As EV Reducing Berries didn't actually come out until Emerald which was released after the Ruby and Sapphire Versions.
And that was also the birth of the pomeg glitch
Well, don't you just know everything lolz :3 @XtemeCharizard101

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I like your thinking, but the problem is that you can't migrate Pokemon with items being held. An easy way to get it in black 2 and white 2 six to buy them from a breeder in route 5

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Cheers :) ah can you not migrate Pokemon with items being held? Well that's killed my plan lol. Cheers for telling me you can get them from a breeder on route 5 I actually didn't know that, do you have to give him an item or something to get them?
Just some money. It's not really that expensive. She sells you 5 every day and it is random. Some of them are those berries. I too, was sad that you can't migrate holding items. You're welcome for the answer. :)
Cheers for the quick answer, you definitely deserve best answer and a vote up haha :)
Ugh i was so gonna answer this until Charizard beat me to it >.>
Thanks. :)
Better look next time lol and your welcome :)
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As long as you get at least one of those EV berries in HG/SS, you can regrow them using the planters. You can also travel to some of the Pokéwalker routes to find more of them.
Hoenn Field can give you the Pomeg, Kelpsy, and Qualot Berries.
Big Forest can give you the Hondew, Qualot, Tamato, and Grepa Berries.
Beyond the Sea can give you the Pomeg and Kelpsy Berries.
Each of the Pokémon of the Amity Meadow special route has a different EV Berry held.

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