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So I have decided to start EV training my Growlithe with max Sp. attack & attack. He is holding the macho brace. His nature is calm. I have EV trained for 2 sessions now. I have decided to start with attack first. One time I got 24 EV's in total & when Growlithe leveled up to level 31 it only added +2 (or +3) I have just beaten Morty so I have not completed the game. I have also wasted some EV's, but I will use Berries to get rid of those later, I would like to know where to find them, though. I though I did everything right! The Pokemon I killed for EV's where Stantlers & Growlithe which give off 1 attack EV, but two with the macho-brace. Have I done something wrong? Sorry if this is just kind-of a list of info!

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First, get a better nature
The stats will all add up at level 100
with a calm nature, your growlithe would actually work best as a bulky special attacker, especially if it has the intimidate ability, though flash fire will still work
I like the plans I have for my Growlithe right now. I like It's calm nature. Thanks though:)
Just for you to take notice, if you are thinking of evolving Growlithe then its useless for you to EV train him/her now because Evs dont pass on...
I am going to evolve it into Arcanine at level 48 so I was going to start EV training now. I do think the stats pass on though.
Oh then.. you can try Im just saying this because I Ev trained my Anorith and when it evolved into Armaldo no Evs passed on .. :'(

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At lower levels, EVs don't show as much. When you grow to higher levels, you will see more added in.

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Isn't 30 high enough? Plus 24 EV's would = +6 attack. I'm pretty sure your right, still. Thanks!
You usually see the effects of them from 60+, from my experience.
You WILL see them at Level 100.
Thanks! That makes things easier. Even though it's going to become a Arcanine at level 48 it's okay to start EV training now, right?