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Remember, this is a in-game team ONLY
I am about ready for the 3rd gym
my team is:
I got a Sandile I want to use, but I also want to use Growlithe. I have two fire types so should I replace it with Sandile? I t would help to have two fire types for the next gym, then ditch Growlithe? Who would be more useful and/or more fun to train in the long run? I could probably train my team and the one I leave at the PC, but I still need to make the decision for my team. (NOTE: I'm not EV training)

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I wonder who many Growlithe questions I can ask before the end of July! XD

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In the long run I find it easier to train Sandile because you don't have to watch it's levels so you get a certain move, like Growlithe. It also evolves three times which is fun. Now in terms of synergy for your team.

Sandile works much better as it gives you someone to hit Ghost and Psychic types. Water isn't a problem as you have Azumarill and Leavanny to take a couple hits, and soon-to-be-Ampharos to check water types. So all good there. In the end I like Sandile/Krookodile on your team.

I'll grab some movesets in a moment here.

enter image description here

Krookodile/Sandile gets a lot of cool moves. Such as Earthquake (Who doesn't like EQ?), Stone Edge, Outrage, Crunch, Stealth Rocks, Swagger, Fire Fang, and Thunder Fang.

Now the simplest yet most effective set to run in-game would be,

  • Earthquake
  • Stone Edge
  • Crunch
  • Hone Claws/Strength (depending on whether or not you need someone to learn Strength)
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Thanks so much! Both answers help! (I'm still going to level up Growlithe and evolve it still)
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Well next up is Burgh Bug Gym leader I think. Pignite wrecks him :P
You could bring growlithe along for more wreckage :D
Your team looks good, but with Flaffy, Growlithe and Pignite you have a 3 Pokemon weakness to ground. So Sandile might be a good option.
Growlithe is easier to get to it's final form Arcanine than Sandile's which is Krookodile. But looking into the long run, you'll need a good dark type against the elite 4 so I'd say Krookodil! (Sandile :P)

~Hope I helped and GL

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