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I entered the 2013 Global Championship. I had trouble entering my Pokémon, because some apparently weren't legit (I made them all with PokeBuilder) so I had to keep switching Pokémon to find out which ones I couldn't use. Apparently, when all of my Pokémon were legit, it entered those ones. They were not the ones I wanted, and I have no way to change them back. I REALLY need a strategy, because I don't have one at all for this team. Any suggestions? PLEASE HELP!
Absol | Super Luck
Item | Leftovers
Nature | Adamant

Attack | 371
Defense | 177
Sp.Atk |167
Sp.Def | 177
Speed | 207

Moves |
Night Slash
Psycho Cut
Shadow Claw

Weavile | Pickpocket
Item | Ice Gem
Nature | Adamant

Attack | 372
Defense | 177
Sp.Atk | 113
Sp.Def | 216
Speed | 328

Moves |
Ice Punch
Ice Shard
Night Slash
Fake Out

Ditto | Imposter
Item | Choice Scarf
Nature | Adamant

Attack | 168
Defense | 153
Sp.Atk | 137
Sp.Def | 153
Speed | 153

Moves |

Aron | Sturdy
Level 1

Item | Shell Bell
Nature | Adamant

Attack | 6
Defense | 7
Sp.Atk | 5
Sp.Def | 6
Speed | 6

Moves |
Magnet Rise
Double Team

Kyurem-White | Turboblaze

Item | Power Herb
Nature | Modest

Attack | 248
Defense | 216
Sp.Atk | 482
Sp.Def | 236
Speed | 268

Moves |
Draco Meteor
Ice Burn
Ice Beam
Earth Power

Scizor | Technician

Item | Steel Gem
Nature | Adamant

Attack | 325
Defense | 236
Sp.Atk | 131
Sp.Def | 196
Speed | 166

Moves |
Brick Break
Bullet Punch

Try to just go on showdown, make an Ubers team with 2 special attackers, 2 physical attackers, and 2 walls. Plug it in a team builder and switch them around until you get good synergy.

Teambuilder: http://www.marriland.com/tools/team-builder#0|0|0|0|0|0|
Is this supposed to be on RMT? If not, I apologise.

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Ouch well I really feel for you and its not easy to make a good strategy out of Pokemon with no synergy whatsoever. My suggestion is before you battle, go onto a simulator eg. Pokemon Online or Pokemon Showdown and play Random battle/ Challange Cup - alot of them. They'll help you get prediction and analysis of your Pokemon in battle. The only way your going to beat good teams which work together is to outpredict the opponent and make better moves then they do.
My current idea for your tema is this; Utilizing ditto, try force you opponent to get to a high boost and then switch into ditto only on a turn when your Pokemon dies or if you predict them to use a setup move. You could use aron as your death fodder. However remember, once you transform pick the best move possible based on your opponent's team and what attack will have the most coverage.
Scizor and Weavile are priority finishers. Aron has no use whatsoever on your team considering you are not using a sandstorm team and also any team with sandstorm will consist of largely steel/rock/ground/reuniclus types. So aron is basically dead fodder on your team, though if you can get an endeavour in and then finish off with ice shard/bullet punch it might work .
There's really nothign else I can help you with apart from hope to god you get heaps of haxs (critz xD).

Hope you get far! and GL!

Thanks! I figured that battling on Showdown would help. I guess Aron wouldn't really fit into this team, because none of the other pokemon know sandstorm.
Ive been trying this team on showdown in Ubers.... Its not working very well.