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What can I replace Chestnaught and Lamepent with?

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I am right outside the Elite Four and feel that Lampent is too weak and Chestnaught isn't cutting it for me, I am not good with defensive type Pokemon. I might competitive battle after I beat the game, but I am not sure. Just putting that out there for more options.

Here is my current team:

Chestnaught Lvl 70 (Want to replace with something better)
Wood Hammer
Hammer Arm
Body Slam
Spiky Shield

Gardevoir Lvl 71
Need to EV Train
Calm Mind

Lucario Lvl 70
EV Trained
Close Combat
Extreme Speed
Swords Dance

Noivern Lvl 72
Need to EV Train
Super Fang
Draco Meteor

Quagsire Lvl 78
EV Trained
Ice Beam

Lampent Lvl 67 (Need to replace)
Energy Ball
Fire Blast
Shadow Ball
Flame Burst

What could I replace them with?

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Replace Slam on Quagsire for return. NOW.

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Since you seem to be very offensively minded, I suggest Gogoat as a substitute for Chesnaught. It has the Grass typing which makes a nice F/W/G core (doesn't matter too much in-game but eh xD), and good mixed attacking stats backed up by a huge movepool.

Suggested moveset:

  • Horn Leech / Leaf Blade
  • Eathquake
  • Rock Slide
  • Wild Charge / Payback / Rock Smash (if you need it)

As for Lampent, I actually think you should keep it, but evolve it. Chandelure is a really strong Pokemon, with base 145 special attack which totally wrecks and it also has decent bulk and speed. Keep the same moves you have, they are good.

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yer you shoud evolve lampent