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Howdy guys! This question has spoilers for Pokémon Sun and Moon, so if you don't want to be spoiled, I suggest you ditch this tab! This question is also a bit lengthy and needy, so sorry for that. Any help is appreciated however.

Anyways, I need help building a Doubles Team that focuses on UB-05 Glutton(Guzzlord). Guzzlord's Defense and Special Defense stats are both horrible, and even if Beast Boost is activated(An Ability that boosts the Pokémon's most proficient stat), it will raise its Attack, leaving its low Defenses where they already were... at rock bottom. What I'm looking for is a Pokémon who can Baton Pass raised Defensive stats, but the only Pokémon who can raise both Defenses and Baton Pass is Mawile, at least to my knowledge. That's where my real issue arises. Mawile is a Steel/Fairy-type, meaning it can cover Guzzlord, who is a Dark/Dragon-type, but I want it to be the Baton Passer of the team... which is unorthodox since Mawile is more of a heavy-hitting powerhouse than a defense raising ally. How can I raise both Defense and Special Defense and Baton Pass those stats onto Guzzlord and have him be supported? I can potentially use a Mew or Smeargle, but those guys are frail and Mew is just as weak as Guzzlord is to Bug-types.

Tl;dr, I need a Pokémon who can raise both Defense stats and Baton Pass them onto Guzzlord. I also need a Pokémon who can support Guzzlord in Doubles.

Thanks y'all!!!

You consider trying Lopunny or Delcatty. Both of them can learn cosmic power, so you only need two moves to do the job.
Thanks a bunch!

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Like Sumwun said, the best thing to do is have a Pokemon like Lopunny or Delcatty that can learn these 2 moves:

  1. Baton Pass - Makes the User switch out and Passes any Stat Changes to the Pokemon that is sent out next.
  2. Cosmic Power - Raises the User's Defense and Special Defense by One Stage.

Lopunny is Preferred to use this set to Baton Pass because Lopunny base Speed is 105 and Delcatty's Base Speed is 90 (in Gen 7) so Lopunny can Outspeed a lot of Pokemon that Delcatty can't.

NOTE: The only way Lopunny and Delcatty can Learn Cosmic Power is By breeding.

Hope this helps :)