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To be precise of the info I need, on the first stages of gameplay, you encounter diffirent Pokemons ryt? Now, how do I know when to add a Pokemon ro my team OR what is the ideal time for me to have this certain amount of Pokemon.

PS: If you clicked here to answer " Man, get some sweepers, cripplers, walls etc. ", that may help but I rly want to know what number of Pokemon is good for this certain situation k?

When I am watching playthroughs of Pokemon, I can see them on the same spot as me, but he/she has 4 Pokemon only while I have 6. It is not that I want to copy them, it is just hard for me to consider who to add on my team.

Sry if this is long, just trying to give details :)
Have a good day and tnx for reading this

Ingame or Competitive team-building? They are extremely different so yes I need to know.
This seems in game. Just add them when u see a pokemon u like. It's in game for crying out loud, it doesn't matter lol
If it's in-game, do an analysis of all the major NPCs you need to battle (rivals, gym leaders, whatever villain there is, elite four, champions, etc) and find a set of Pokemon that's obtainable before each major NPC and easily gets super effective attacks, using the least Pokemon possible to meet this requirement. It can take hours of staring at a Google doc, but the time investment really pays off.

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You sound like a beginner so this will help you. :)

There's many many ways to build a team. There's now way over 700 Pokémon. Say a 1/3 are fully evolved, viable Eviolite NFE, different Formes, Mega Evolutions, and thats 230 (roughly) Pokémon you have to cover in just 6 Pokémon, 6 Abilities (7 with Mega Stone), 6 items and 24 moves. Its not possible. You've got to focus on something, a strategy, and play using that. Because a team can't do everything, either. It can't cover everything in just 3 Pokémon any more. Competitive team building is about making the most of what you've got, while covering as many weaknesses as possible. By focusing on one idea, one concept, you've got to try to get that to work, and use that to win. Instead of 6 Pokémon, you have 1 team, one goal in mind, and the game is instead getting your team in a situation where you can win. If it happens through luck before you reach your goal, then take it. If you consistently can't pull your strategy off, then you need to look at where its going wrong, and maybe there's a better way of doing it. If everything has already been done, then there is nothing original any more.

The best ingame team to add is: Sceptile, Linoone, Tentacruel, magnezone, Swellow and frosslass.

Hope I helped! :D

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Best is subjective
What the best team is in your opinion might not be to another person. For example, your team has two Normal-type physical attackers and no Dark or Ghost resist to cover Froslass' weakness to those types. This is not the "best" in game team to me, and I don't think such a thing will ever exist or everyone would use it.
Additionally, I'm not entirely sure that what you've posted properly addresses the question. The asker wants to know how many Pokemon are ideal for a team at any one point in the game; I don't think this is covered in the answer. For example, I could argue that getting a full team on six Pokemon early-on is a bad idea, because it's difficult to share the experience and the type coverage isn't as helpful. However, getting one or two new Pokemon before the first Gym and then progressively adding more, for example, might be the best way to go about it.
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Let me start off by saying one thing- it is up to you how many Pokemon you'd like on your time. You can base your decisions on another player (or Youtuber), but then it wouldn't be as personal as it would have been if you had just spontaneously decided your team.

However, the method which I use is quite simple, although to some can take the surprise out of the games. Before starting the game, I look through the game's Pokedex on Pokemon DB and pick out all the Pokemon I would like on my team. The amount I pick doesn't need to be under 6 Pokemon. I then look through the candidates and eliminate on a first impression basis. After that, I look through the list to see if I can actually get the Pokemon in my game. For example, you can get a Mankey pretty easily in Pokemon Red, but you'd have to trade if you want a Mankey in Blue. Penultimately, I compare the Pokemon with synonymous types, on factors of stats, evolutions, accessibility, moveset and general awesomeness. Finally, I look through the remaining Pokemon, and decide which, in comparison to the others, can make the cut.
And that's how I build my team!

But remember, it is completely your choice on how you build your team. You can just travel around the region, catching any Pokemon you want.

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Usually, there are cores, which are the important part of the team. Common cores are Fire/Grass/Water, Dark/Psychic/Fighting, Steel/Dragon/Fairy, Sand, Rain, Sun (though weather was nerfed), or VoltTurn (Volt Switch + U-Turn allows you to gain momentum).
Cores should have good synergy.