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I'm familiar with IV breeding, EV training, and the VGC rules but I want to start the process of actually building a team. So my question is, what should my team have and what are the basic roles that need to be filled by each Pokémon?

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Now that depends on the actual team you want to make. Not every team is the same and range depending on your battle style and the Pokemon you use. If you like to plow through enemies you might want to consider building a hyper offensive team which will mostly consist of Pokemon who fill the role of sweepers. There job is to come in and take out opponents whether it be from setting up or pure power, and they don't tend to focus too much on their defenses because they aren't meant to take hits.

On the other hand some people prefer to play with stall teams which mostly consist of Pokemon known as tanks. Tanks are meant to soak up damage and heal it back off (occasionally not all tanks rely on healing themselves) while slowly chipping away at opponents HP.

Again those are just a few examples of what people do with their Pokemon and everyone is different so it really comes down to how you want to play the game.

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