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So I know what tapu I should use for my team! :D


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As far as competitive play is concerned, one Tapu that stands out from the rest is Tapu Lele. I'll get to all of their pros and cons one by one, starting with Tapu Lele.

Tapu Lele:


  • Excellent abilty, shuts down (Mega) Scizor's Bullet Punch, which is a huge threat to itself.
  • Said ability also boosts STAB Psychic / Psyshock to higher damage, netting crucial KOs.
  • Not a hugely versatile movepool, but it has enough to be very effective at what it does.
  • Specs and Scarf versions can take down whole teams and revenge kill with relative ease
  • Great Special Attack (one of the highest at 135)


  • No reliable recovery
  • Specs or Scarf sets, which are most common are easily countered, so switching out becomes regular, giving opponents free turns to set up.
  • Paralysis really cripples it.
  • Sometimes on the slower side without Scarf, so it's easy to be taken down by a faster opponent.

Tapu Fini:


  • Great typing, helps out with the common Fire moves in OU (in my limited experience at least)
  • Access to Defog, which is a Godsend if you don't use hazards yourself.
  • Amazing Special bulk. By inflicting Scald Burns, its physical defense is also buffed up.
  • Checks certain threats like Mega Gyarados to a decent extent (better than most other Pokemon)


  • Defog removes the hazard you set up, so it's not helpful all the time
  • No attacking prowess. It's great defensively, but relying on it in a pinch to KO opponents, is definitely not a good position, unlike in the case of Tapu Lele

Tapu Koko:


  • Great Speed
  • Access to Roost, so recovery is not a problem
  • STAB Wild Charge
  • As Rick Gastly pointed out, its ability Electric Surge boosts STAB as in case of Tapu Lele


  • Practically no moveset options. It has literally only one STAB to complement its attack.
  • Easily countered by the other Pokemon in the tier, like Dugtrio and others.
  • Earthquake is rampant everywhere, so it suffers a lot.

Tapu Bulu:


  • Grassy Terrain helps in recovery.
  • Above complements its main STAB Wood Hammer
  • Other moves like Horn Leech and Leech Seed aid recovery as well
  • Pretty good movepool, compared to the others.
  • Hits hard against a lot of Pokemon
  • Has great resistances (Water/Dark/Ground/Electric/Fighting/Grass), and can safely switch in to Earthquake like a boss.


  • Pretty slow
  • Crippled by Burn, which is ever so common by Will-o-wisp and Scald.
  • Ice Beam and Fire moves are fairly common, as are Poison moves, so it suffers a lot.
  • Grassy Terrain might end up helping your opponent.

Based on my battling style (generally more aggressive, aiming for strong hits and trying to out predict the opponent), I find the order Lele > Fini > Bulu > Koko to be accurate; this can vary person to person based on play style and team.

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Tapu Koko makes it's stab moves do more damage, as well a shaving some decent special attacking options.
I know, but it's a waste of its better stat. It's definitely not as effective as in the case of Bulu or Lele, which have moves suited to their best stats. As for the Electric Terrain thing, I thought I mentioned it, but thanks for pointing it out! Will edit that in. Also, what else do you think this answer needs? I wrote off the points from the top of the head, so I most probably missed out on valid points.
i LOVE tapu fini. i find it the second best as well, but in my opinion, change lele's and bulu's position. tapu bulu is a BEAST in damage, and with a single heal bell in your team you can easily shut down most wall of your opponent, especially with choice band

so, Bulu > Fini > Lele > Koko
yeh I agree to @Senhorohlo, I find tapu buku comforting, one of its cons are based on luck which is burns, next is yeh pretty slow but you just said it access on recovery moves are satisfying, and he rarely gets one shot because unlike tapu koko who is so damn useless, he has high defenses I build 252 EVs on bulu speed and careful nature since most of his life threatening moves are special based and 252 EVs on attack since he got 130 physical attack stat it can par with zard x attack stats and for te ability I dont use grassy because I usually spam earthquakes in doubles but if im not carrying a mon with eq i put grassy terrain since after all most of use spams eq XD, and grassy terain halves the power of eq so it still has advantages and if you are really annoyed enough how enemy is favored by grassy terrain bulu also have access to heal block, u only need a ground and rock type move to completely wrap his weaaknesses so u still have soavmce for horn leech and heal block and I use weakness policy as item for him XD, coz u can turn your weaknesses into your strength fire., ice, poison, steel tyoe move are rampant so 7 out of 10 chance the enemy will use one against ur bulu and one shotting him is not that easy so once weakness policy got procced, u can spam horn leech for sustain and attack stat boost affects lifesteal, well thats all sorry for a novel-y comment, I hope u find bulu useful too like we did XDD