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So I can understand if they want to ban OP strategies, but they can ban them separately. Why do they ban an entire thing for one simple strategy when they could just ban the move?

I have made epic revolutionary strategies (OK, maybe not...) but now I find out I can hardly even use them.
It really is bothering me and I want to know WHY?!?

Ummmm this isn't the greatest question but I won't flag it because fizz told me I shouldn't do that :)
 btw just in case you're new to poke base you should use the chat frequently (there usually isn't that many people in there sadly tho) so we need more people using it lol
VGC doesn't care about balance 90% of the time, but when things get "too imbalanced" they bean/nerf. Also, giving a specific set of bans would help us determine what you are talking about :P
I don’t recall saying that, feel free to flag anything you think needs attention. I would just clear it and give an explanation if it’s fine, no hard feelings.
In terms of the question, it’s a bit vague but I think it could still have a decent answer from someone with some knowledge in VGC. I don’t think there are any glaring issues with it otherwise.

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Because in order to sustain a healthy, competitive environment, Pokémon company needs to put limits on things so that people don’t abuse it and take the fun out of the game. I don’t understand what you mean about “banning an entire thing instead of banning just the one move” but as far as I know, Game Freak never banned an “entire thing”. If you mean nerfs, I agree that the Parental Bond and Gale Wings nerf was necessary. If you don’t know, in OR/AS everybody in competitive used Mega Kangaskan, Talonflame, Xerneas, Primal Groudon, Cresselia, and that’s it. Literally no variety. I do think maybe they went a bit overboard with the Prankster nerf, but Prankster was annoying to deal with. As for the Burn and Confusion nerf, I think both were completely unnecessary and took some of the fun out of VGC. It certainly disrupted Klefki, as Klefki’s prankster swagger was now extremely nerfed. Anyways, I hope I helped explain why Pokémon Company banning/nerfing things is (sometimes) necessary.

Confusion was neffed because klefki with fairy lock, thunder wave, foul play and swagger was very annoying.