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What kind of team would be recommended for a VGC? I know little to nothing about the tournaments, Is there a difference between them and regular play? I do know the in's and outs of breeding and Ev's. But I'm just wondering what I should look out for...

I really want to answer this but probably won't get it done until later in the day.

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Looks like the previous answer isn't complete. I'll add on.
Lists of VGC threats and how to counter and other stuff.

More links: Priority and why they matter

                       [Top 10 doubles threats smogon][3]

Things you need

  1. Protect on any Pokemon not choiced.
    Reason: Double targeting.

                     Leftovers/poison heal recovery or anything of that sort.
                     Moves like earthquake and surf.
                     Fake out.
  2. Trick room counter (unless you're doing trick room.)
    Reason: Trick room can really destroy you if you're not prepared.

    Good Pokemon to be t-room counter: Aegislash

                                                                                       Prankster/fast taunters
                                                                                       Mega mawile
                                                                                       Fake outers

Things you may want to have

  1. Gastro acid
    Reason: Gets rid of parental bond(mega kangaskhan), scrappy(mega mawile) and other dangerous abilities.

Good users of gastro acid: Cradily in sand and almost any poison type can learn it so...

  1. Follow me/rage powder
    Reason: Allows partner to set up.

    Good users: Togekiss, clefable and amoongus.

  2. Fake out
    Reason: Flinches the opponent that threatens partner to allow partner to set up.

    Good users: TopMoth (hitmontop+volcarona), mega loppuny, mega kangaskhan, support sableye and infernape.

  3. Intimidate
    Reason: This seriously messes up physical sweepers and is considered one of the best VGC abilities.

    Good users: Landorus-therian, hitmontop, staraptor and basically any Pokemon with intimidate. (except for less viable ones like masquerain.)

  4. Wide guard and quick guard.
    Reason: As Aranacana said, spread moves are extremely common and wide guard takes care of that. Quick guard messes with fake out, priority, talonflame, prankster users...you name it.

    Good users: Wide guard: Hitmontop and any other viable users of wide guard.

                              Quick guard: Hitmontop, terrakion, talonflame and other viable users of quick guard.

Just look at this

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Nugget Bridge is about a billion times better than Smogon at VGC, since that is its sole purpose. The metagame changes so fast that one Smogon's advice won't cut it. This is a good answer, but I wish to make a few pointers:

- Gastro Acid isn't a good choice since the opponent can just switch out and back in. It is useable in very niche situations, but is not a good choice to put on a team from the start.

- Recovery is a broad term. Consider changing to "Recovery via Sitrus Berry or Leftovers, and occasionally moves like Roost."

- Smeargle is not a TR counter. Thundurus-I, Fake Out users, and other fast Taunters are.

- Pachirisu is extremely niche and isn't that good of a Follow Me user in practice. He is outclassed by Clefable or even Eviolite Clefairy.

- Just pointing out that TopMoth was from a while ago and has been nerfed, but can still work.

- Weather / Trick room should be something you build a team around, not just slap on.
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@Astronautical:  I agree, nugget bridge was almost made for VGC. Thanks for the pointers, I'll add them on. However, making opponents switch is the sole porpose of gastro acid, forcing the opponent to switch (if they don't they suffer from no ability disease) can be very handy.

@Aranacana: Thanks!
Nugget Bridge WAS made for VGC. None of this Smogon stuff :) And switches are almost always forced with some for of offensive pressure, and Gastro Acid lose momentum. It has it's uses, but it's not really a beginner strategy.