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I'm leaving out OU and UU for a bit, and getting into VGC.
In OU Taunt was pretty useful. I used Crobat as my taunter, it was fast and could take a hit from most Pokemon.
However, in VGC ,so far I haven't seen much of a use for Taunt. The only times were maybe a Follow Me Core or a Trick Room Team.
There are also threats such as DV Smeargle and Spore and Rage Powder Pokes lurking around too, is it better to just deal with them quickly or Taunt ? Safety Goggles could counter Rage Powder and Spore but DV Smeargle is a big threat too.

Is it worth Keeping Crobat on my VGC Team to foil all those threats ?

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Taunt, while not a necessity, is complete cheese in VGC.

Taunt is basically the anti-support move of VGC. Sure, it doesn't have any entry hazards to worry about, but there are many, many more awful things to face. These include:

• Trick Room
• Dark Void Smeargle
• Spore
• Follow Me / Rage Powder
• Substitute Heatran / Mega Metagross
• Protect
• Thunder Wave / Will-o-Wisp
• Minimize Clefable (-_-)

Taunt is such a great tech it's not even considered tech anymore. Locking the opponent out of Protect, stopping SubTran and friends, being able to bypass redirection, avoiding TR and Thunder Wave, guarding your Kangaskhan from Burns, avoiding the oh-so-ragequit Dark Void and Spore, and slapping Minimize Clefable are just a few of the joys of Taunt. You can also rid the opposition of their Wide Guard or Quick Guard support, leaving them open to attack. Say good-bye to Swagger shenanigans. The list goes on.

TL;DR Taunt is so rediculously useful that it's almost a crime to consider not having. It's not necessary, but it's a really handy tool that can help in a lot of situations.

Common Taunters in VGC


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Ok thanks lol
You're welcome :) Have fun getting into VGC!
I thought I was the only one. Evasion is annoying.
I lost a rather important game to Minimize Clefable… stalled out Aegislash long enough for the partner to Leftovers their way to 100%.