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I have doubts about what will happen if I Knock Off the Power Herb from Xerneas and use Taunt.

The exact comments for the moves are:

Go! Yveltal! [Yveltal's Dark Aura] Yveltal is radiating a dark aura!
[The opposing Xerneas's Fairy Aura] The opposing Xerneas is radiating
a fairy aura!

Turn 1

Yveltal used Knock Off! It's not very effective... Yveltal knocked off the opposing
Xerneas's Power Herb!

The opposing Xerneas used Geomancy! The opposing Xerneas is absorbing

Turn 2

Yveltal used Taunt! The opposing Xerneas fell for the taunt!

What will be the next turn of Xerneas? It needs to use Geomancy but the Taunt restricts it. So what will happen?

Thanks in advance.

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It will be unable to use Geomancy.

Xerneas can't use Geomancy after the taunt!

It will then be able to attack.


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It would say

Xerneas used Geomancy, But it failed!

then after it can attack; taunt does not restrict that, but it still can’t use status moves.

Source: Experience

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will it be abled to use any damage dealing move after geomancy failed?
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On the next turn geomancy will fail, then after it can attack; taunt does not restrict that.
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