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Say I use Swords Dance. My foe uses Encore. Say on the next turn my foe uses Taunt. What will happen? Will my foe's Taunt cancel out my foe's Encore? Or would I still keep on using Swords Dance?


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Taunt keeps you only using attacking moves, and trying to use a stat move on the turn you're taunted will prompt the message, "[Pokemon's name] cannot move due to the taunt!"

Encoring that stat move will do just that, and will keep you disabled for those turns. I have to admit, I've never thought of it for a strategy, and could really be a winner!

That was the main reason I was asking about it on my last question. It can be a deadly strategy.
All that could be true or when he tries to use taunt it says "but it failed" instead of attacking?
Whimsicott can use this combo. I have it. It owns opponents!