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Situation: You're in battle, have only one Pokemon still alive, you have no items left, and your opponent uses encore, and you run out of PP for the encored move, while encore is still in effect(Example, it uses encore when you only have 1 or 2 pp left)?

I mean, because of encore, you run out, while encore is still in effect. It seems like you'd be trapped forever on that stage, because you can't run, you can't use an item, you can't switch Pokemon and you can't attack. Is there some sort of thing not mentioned on the page, where encore loses effect if you run out of PP, or something. I'm just curious to see what would happen.

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Generation II
If the Pokémon affected by Encore runs out of PP for the affected move, the effects of Encore end immediately.
Encore will fail if the last move the target used was Transform, Mimic, Sketch, Mirror Move, Encore itself, Struggle, or a move that has no PP.
Generation III
Like Disable and Torment, Encore can now be used to force the opponent to use Struggle every second turn.


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Oh, that's cool, so for Gen II it just stopped if there was no PP, and Gen III onward, I'm assuming onward, forces them to struggle. Cool, thanks sumwun.
Encore always stops when the move runs out of PP. In gen 3 onward, it forces the Pokemon to struggle if the Pokemon is affected by encore and something else, like torment.
Oh! I didn't know that, thanks for clarifying sumwun.