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Just some question I thought of when wondering this about Healing Wish. Items that can restore PP and can be used multiple times (ex. Leppa Berry Recycle) don't count.

i dont think that there is one. just the reduce PP moves. but im still confused are you asking items or moves?
Afaik, no, there isn't. Even the Bulbapedia Article about PP says nothing about restoring it without the items.
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there are no restoring PP moves in Pokemon

the only way to increases PP is in this info

PP can be restored using several items. An Ether restores 10 PP for one move, a Max Ether fully restores PP for one move, an Elixir restores 10 PP for all of a Pokémon's moves, and a Max Elixir fully restores PP for all of a Pokémon's moves. Additionally, the Leppa Berry restores 10 PP for one move. In Generation II, Sacred Ash fully restores the PP of all Pokémon in the party.

Healing at a Pokémon Center (or any similar party-healing service) fully restores the PP of all party Pokémon's moves; from Generation II onward, any Pokémon deposited in the PC has the PP of all of its moves fully restored.

A Pokémon switched in after a Pokémon has used Lunar Dance will have its PP fully restored.


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How come you say that there's no PP restoring moves, but then you bring up how Lunar Dance restores PP?
if you see the source the moves category doesnt add lunar dance, and lunar dance isnt exactly a PP restoring move, cause its doesnt restore the user,
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There no such moves that allows the ability to regain pp on moves you will have to use ethers for them.There are berries that you can get as you mentioned but they don't have a good way to reproduce because you will have to wait couple of irl hours.

umm, you dont need to wait couple of irl hours to reproduce berry, the one that you mention is r/s/e mechanics, while this is the swsh mechanics https://segmentnext.com/pokemon-sword-and-shield-berries-berry-farming-guide/
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There aren't any moves.. Items like ether and berries work for it though. If you want to reduce the opponents pp though there are moves for that like spite.

What's your source?