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I was wondering about this question because my Dialga's Roar of Time has only 4 PP. I need to find a way to raise that maximum to something high enough so I can get out of monster houses easily.


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Well first off there's an IQ talent called multitalent that would help your dialga

The Pokémon becomes so talented with its moves that it gets slightly more PP to spend on them. This IQ Skill can't be turned off - Bulbapedia

And pp ups actually do exist but are EXTREMELY rare

And if you decide that you want other Pokemon to have extra pp too, there are items for specific Pokemon that will do that.
Hope I helped

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/IQ


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The item PP Up does not exist in PMD unfortunately, so you can't increase the PP of your Dialga's Roar of Time.

Thanks, but I already know that PP Up doesn't exist in PMD. I asked for items that act like it.