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I have been wondering about this question, because I really want to turn my Salamence into a killing machine. If there is a limit to how many Calciums I can use, then please tell me in your answer.


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… because effort values are not present in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, health drinks instead increase the actual stat by a set amount. ~ Bulbapedia

Calcium, Iron, Protein, etc. are referred to as Health Drinks in the PMD games. There is no cap as to how many you can have because they work differently than in the main Pokémon games.

NOTE: I would assume that the cap for any stat is 999, but since I do not have that many Calciums I cannot confirm this.


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If this it is confirmed, my Salamence will turn into a killing killer! Well, I did save up for 15 Calciums, I mean, it took a while to collect all the Calciums.
Holy **** you could make a caterpie take a v create and laugh
The max i have hit is 255 on MDS