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So far, I got am a Bulbasaur, and Pikachu is my partner. Aggron and Espeon are my recruits for my main team. My Bulbasaur knows Energy Ball, Solarbeam, Vine Whip, and Leech Seed. My Pikachu knows Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, and Growl. My Espeon knows Psychic, Tackle, and Helping Hand. My Aggron knows Iron Tail, Headbutt, and Tackle. The last time a went to Quicksand Cave, I got KO'd at the 20th floor before I got to battle Mesprit. I'm having a lot of trouble with those common Sandstorms those Tyranitars set up. Please tell me how to beat Quicksand Cave and Mesprit.

Why you no have sleep powder
It didn't learn it yet.

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Sandstorms are annoying.
If they really cause you trouble, you could get a few Weather Bands and have your team members other than Aggron hold them. The weather band negates the effects of weather for the holder. A warning though, you might have trouble finding them.

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Also, for Mesprit just power on. No real strategies needed.