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I've heard nothing but rave reviews about these games, and I've decided I want to buy one. But which one? Please help me out, DB!

Just thought I'd point out it got 4.9 on IGN
IGN is an invalid source.
"7.8/10: Too much water" ~ IGN on Omega Ruby / Alpha Saphhire

Explorers of Sky is hands-down my favorite handheld game ever, and my second favorite video game (falling just behind Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare).
I think 7.8 is a rather fitting score for ORAS, no hate please
*commence hating*

Seriously though, I won't hate on anyone who has a legitimate reason to give ORAS a mediocre rating. As long as they don't knock 22% off just because Hoenn is an island. Arceus sends his apologies, IGN, for putting Hoenn where he put it.
I just think that ORAS was given so much hype and then it was quite disappointing. I totally agree that the water thing is stupid but imo ORAS should have been a big step up from XY and it didn't really deliver.

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If you are going to buy one of the Mystery Dungeon games, I suggest Explorers of Sky. Sky is the same as Darkness and Time, except Sky has many added features that were not in the previous two games. (These features do not alter the main plot) I don't want to spoil anything, but Sky is definitely worth getting.

Think of Sky as Pokémon Emerald and Darkness and Time as Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

I own all 3 games and can attest to what I have said.

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TL;DR – Explorers of Sky > life itself
Sky ^_^
i always think of Darkness as Diamond. ( for some weird reason) Time as pearl, and Sky as Platinum.