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Since I have room and an idea, here's what I came up with:


I got an idea on grabbing random teams for when your bored to train, I may do some tourney themed things with this.
Use http://randompokemon.com/ this link and pick six.(go for nfes and ubers for some more fun XD) and keep it there, then use https://www.random.org/ and set min to 1 and max to 6 then generate. Say you get 6, the sixth pokemon you got will be the first pokemon on your team, repeat until six, and you've got a team you can use on showdown and/or train in game, leave some teams you got on my wall, I'll put completed teams here aswell.
About me: Ok just adding stuff that happens here now, murried lupus <3,                     17:56 Jikininki Jeff(exe): What if i was actiually a 19 yo girl
17:56 DemonFlygawne: I actually am pretty moral with mah rules
17:57 Hy I'm tad: Then we would have a threesome with you @exe
17:57 DemonFlygawne: then I'd be scared
17:57 Lupus: well exe idgaf i have tad <3
17:57 Lupus: dang 3some :0.                                                                                                  Seraphimon: >Luffy to Crocodile: "I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!"
3:13 Seraphimon: > me to kero: "I'M GONNA YOUR ASS"
3:16 Seraphimon: I'm vivi.. err, in that video's scenario anyway. and kero is crocodile.
3:16 An Irish lesbian: >me to lupus:IM GONNA LICK YOUR ASS
3:16 Seraphimon: LOLOLOLOL
3:16 Tess da awesome kitsune-chan: XD
3:16 An Irish lesbian: imeanwut
3:16 An Irish lesbian: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)‎
3:17 Tess da awesome kitsune-chan: k tad XD

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