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The title of this question should ideally be read in the voice of the child in that classic Tootsie Pop commercial where he asks Mr. Owl how long it takes to get to the center.

In place of friendship, some Pokemon evolve by having a broken IQ level in this game. I want to be able to say I've done this once - and have a super broken Crobat by comparison.

The IQ system in this game is a joke. I have never collected enough gummies to make a Golbat evolve, even using favorite gummies. I am playing Explorers of Time - I don't know if there are rarity variances between the games for Gummi colors, but it looks like Pink ones (poison-type favorites) are exceedingly rare, though I have many of the Sky blue ones.

So, if I were to feed my Golbat just its favorite gummies, how many would it take to get to the point where it can evolve? Maybe I finally have enough in storage and I can just go on a Gummi binge in Beach Cave or something idk

As for the Toostie Pop, approximately 364 licks.
Or, to eat the entire thing, 1126 licks

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Some Pokemon needs IQ to evolve. In the mainstream games, it's happiness, but here in Mystery Dungeon, there is no "happiness", so they use "IQ". Don't worry, you won't need maxed IQ to evolve! Just 10% or 20% of max (IQ), that's all.

Of the 14 IQ evolutions, 5 of them need items, either a Sun Ribbon or a Lunar Ribbon. The IQ requirements are different depending on whether you need an item.

  • Item-less evolution: 200 IQv, equivalent to 40 favorite gummis. It's just before you get 2.5-star
  • Ribbon evolution: 100 IQv, equivalent to 20 favorite gummis. That is just under 1.5-star

According to the source, max IQ is 999 and 20% of that is just under 50. The amount of IQ gained varies on the type of Gummi.

+5 . Same-type, favorite.
Town: "This Gummi looks like a favorite!"
Dungeon: "It seems to like this Gummi!" . "Its IQ went up significantly!"

You’ll need 10 gummis of this type to evolve.

+4 or +3 . Super-Effective . or . normal effectiveness.
Town: "It doesn't seem to dislike this Gummi."
Dungeon: "It doesn't seem to dislike this Gummi." . "Its IQ went up somewhat!"

You’ll need to 13 to 16 gummis of this type to evolve

+2 or +1 . Not Very Effective . or . Little Effect.
Town: "It appears to be just a little satisfied."
Dungeon: "It seemed to be somewhat satisfied." . "Its IQ went up slightly!"

You’ll need 25-50 gummis of this type to evolve

Nectar (+10) and Wonder Gummis (+15) are special cases. There is no specific favorite, so they always give their full boost no matter what.

You’ll need 4 Wonder Gummis or 10 Nectars to evolve.

According to the source, the amount required varies according to Pokemon, so all the numbers above are rough estimates (assuming my math is correct).


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