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I am a level 49 Squirtle that knows Hydro Pump, Water Pulse, Bite and Aqua Tail, and my companion is a Pikachu that knows Thunderbolt, Discharge, Thunder and Quick Attack, (all of which are currently set moves.) Am I able to beat Dialga as it is, or do we need to level up? If not, what strategy should I be using?

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Shame you don't have Agility on Pikachu. It was an incredibly easy boss when I just spammed Discharge and Agility.

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I play Explorers of Darkness, but they're pretty much the same in main game play so I'll give you my advice on Dialga.

  1. You need a fighting or ground type move. Dialga is only weak to those types, so if you have Brick Break, then it'll be especially useful.
  2. You need a LOT of items, especially Sleep Seeds, Reviver Seeds, Max Elixirs and Berries. I had a Bulbasaur and it had Sleep Powder, but since you don't have that option, you will have to use items. Foe Seal Orbs don't work on Dialga because of its Pressure.
  3. I forgot what level I was, but basically if you can't beat the other Pokemon before Dialga with relative ease (meaning items not constantly used to heal), then you're not ready.
  4. Pikachu doesn't need three Electric attacks. I think it can learn Brick Break, so give it that if you have it, or something more useful. Same with Squirtle not needing 3 Water attacks.
  5. While Dialga is resistant to Water & Electric, sometimes your STAB moves might do more damage than a super effective move. That's just how Mystery Dungeon works sometimes...
  6. Dialga has Roar of Time, and if you're at full health, you should survive. It will take a turn or two for Dialga to recharge, so you're free to do whatever in that time, though it'll mostly be healing.
  7. It took me a few tries to beat Dialga, so if you fail, just go through the Dungeon again and level up as you do.

I guess with most bosses in PMD games, you just need patience. Sometimes you just get lucky.

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You should be able to win. People have done it at lower levels before.
Alot of people seem to use Sleep Seeds, Vile seeds and Violent seeds to make life easier (causes sleep, minimises def/sp.def and maximises Atk/Sp.Atk respectively)

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This boss is hell, so I would go right ahead and get some seeds (Reviver is most recommended), Oran Berries, and a fighting type move. Trust me, this boss is hell if you don't have a fighting type move, I know this for a fact, because I was stupid enough not to go in their with a fighting type move and took me like 25 tries and a lot of training to defeat it.

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Another very good strategy is to lower Dialga's accuracy so it won't hit a single move.

I did this by using Mud-Slap over the course of four turns. The majority of the attacks missed, giving you free hits on Dialga.

Recommended Items:

  • Paralysis/Sleep/X-Eye Seeds
  • Vile/Violent Seeds
  • Reviver Seeds
  • Munch Belt