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i was on a big boss battle and I have a Pokemon with a ranged move, but no good way for him to use it, i'm worried that if he stays close to me then he'll die, but if he's far away from me then he'll just come back, witch gets annoying after a while.
cyndaquil (teammate) knows flamethrower, but he hardly uses it. i'm not to worried about myself because I know a nice combo attack, and it works better after I nearly die.
if the "wait here" tactic actually keeps the Pokemon attacking anything in range then I might have a chance

I can see you use cyndaquil but whats the other, I could possibly help depending on.

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"Wait there" just makes the Pokemon wait at that square, it doesn't make them do anything else.

If you want them to use their ranged attack and only that attack, simply deselect every other attack (make it so there's no little tick except next to their ranged attack when you look at their attack list). That way they'll usually stay a few squares away from the enemy and still attack.

You should also pack a lot of reviver and sleep seeds, just in case. It helps a lot.