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I kinda like the Pokemon Gloom, and I have an Oddish on my team as an ally, I was hoping that allies can evolve.


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Yes they can!

Have you found the Luminous Spring yet? If so, you just need to go there with whatever items are needed to evolve, if any. In the case of your Oddish, all that is needed is to get it to the right level in order to evolve into Gloom.

Source: I have PMD Explorers of Darkness + Explorers of Sky

Hope I helped!

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If you have Pansear on your game, you must be playing a newer PMD game. This question and answer are referring to Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky, which only include up to gen 4 pokemon. The rules of evolution may be a little different between different games, but in these particular games then you do evolve at Luminous Spring.
My bad. I misread the question. :/