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I got Bulbasaur in the beginning of the game, and I see that Water-type Pokemon can walk in the water on the dungeon floor. Are there any advantages for Grass-types on the dungeon floor?

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They do get some advantages, yes.

For one, Bulbasaur has access to Sleep Powder, which will be really usefull in boss fights. He also gets Leech Seed for chip damage and recovery. Probably the best thing about Bulbasaur (not all Grass-types), though, is his IQ tree. I'll list off some of the best ones.

PP Saver – There is a chance for Bulbasaur to use an attack without losing PP.

Sharp Shooter – Raises critical hit ratio.

Multitalent – Adds an extra 5 PP onto each of the Pokémon's moves.

Exp. Elite – Gaisn for Exp. Points.

All-Terrain Hiker – Allows Bulbasaur to walk on lava, water and gaps (like in Spatial Rift). This solves your problem of not being able to travel where your partner does.

Trap Buster – You will sometimes destroy traps by stepping on them.

Stair Sensor – When you first enter a floor, an arrow will appear pointing in the general direction of the stairs. I had this on my Meowth and it helped so much.

So, in conclusion, Grass-types do not have as many benefits as Water- or Fire-types, but Bulbasaur is a great starter to stick with since he gets All-Terrain Hiker and other useful moves and IQ skills. (I wish I'd started as Bulbasaur!)

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Nope :c

Fire Type Pokemon can walk across lava.
Water Types can walk across bodies of water
Ghost Types can go through Walls
Flying Types can hover across walls.

All Pokemon can do hover across Terrains but they need a Mobile Scarf or the IQ Skill All Terrain Hiker.

>Using a Mobile Scarf : A Pokémon holding a Mobile Scarf becomes Mobile, becoming able to move over every terrain there is. However, being Mobile costs a Team Leader 5 Belly per step.
The All-Terrain Hiker IQ Skill allows a Pokémon having the IQ Skill on to move over water, lava, and valleys. Non-Fire-TypePokémon moving over lava will still be afflicted by the BurnedStatus. This IQ Skill can only be learned by Pokémon in IQ Group C.


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I've used Mobile Scarf a lot so I can keep up with my All-Terrain Hiker Spinarak, and I can attest that it only takes away 5 Belly per step when walking through walls. Ghost-type Pokémon experience this as well. Walking across water, lava or gaps doesn't decrease the Belly any more than normal (in EoS at least).