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I finally picked up my long-untouched game of Mystery Dungeon Time, and totally forgot what am I doing. I noticed that I saved scizor, since I forgot XD, and this place callled surrounded sea.
Am I supposed to go to surrounded sea, or do something else?

I looked at a similar question here, and it says that palkia would show up or something. How do I get it to come/how long do I have to wait?

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I'm going to try to use minimal spoilers here. The game will tell you what I leave out.

If Surrounded Sea has an exclamation mark next to it, that is where you must go next. If not, skip the next paragraph or so, to "Miracle Sea".
Surrounded Sea is a Water dungeon, obviously. You may want to play using a Water Type or other Pokemon for traversing the Watery Terrain.
At the end of the dungeon(20th Floor), you will find a bunch of Deluxe Boxes and a strange-looking Egg. No matter what, grab the Egg!
Next, you'll need Blue Gummis. A fair few, I'd say about three. You'll find out why. If you don't have any, Beach Cave and Quicksand Cave sometimes have them, but it can be a pain searching for Gummis. Pick them up whenever you find one.

Next in the storyline, you'll have to go to Miracle Sea. The game will tell you when. There's a Boss Battle at the end, so be prepared. It's not very difficult, though, unless your team is very weak to Water.
After the subplot is wrapped up, play for three more filler days until you unlock the Team Charm arc(if they're in Explorers of Time).

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wait, team charm is in explorers of time?!
and lol i was getting a lot of blue (i think) gummis from Xatu.

Piplup and Chimchar are my characters....i may face trouble.
About what lvl should i be? im about 50 atm
Ohhh for some reason I thought this was Sky. xD IDK if Team Charm's in it or not.
50 should be good, just play as Piplup and if you didn't have too much trouble in the Scizor arc, you should be OK. If you're worried about Monster Houses(there are a few, especially if you're looking for Gummis), bring a Pokemon with Bullet Seed and you're set.
Yes, it turns out that Team Charm is in Time, and im already up to Aegis Cave ;)
Thanks for the help
No problem! Have fun, Team Charm is actually a surprisingly big help in the boss battle.
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Yes, you are supposed to go to the Surrounded Sea. Once you beat the Surrounded Sea dungeon, you will get an item (don't want to spoil it :P) that will advance the story.

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Do a few missions like you would normally do, like from the jobs and outlaw bulletin boards. After a few days (in the game of course) talk to sunflora from the guild and she will tell you about the Surrounded Sea, which will then be plotted on your map. Go to the end of that dungeon and collect the mysterious item at the end. Hope this helped and good luck ;)