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User Gallade1759

Member for: 3 years (since Feb 10, 2014)
Type: Registered user
Gender: Male
Country: Scotland, United Kingdom
Favorite Pokémon: Listed by Type in About Me Section
Friend Codes: 1005-8707-3302
IGN: Brandon
About me: Love Pokemon! Play it all the time! Very keen gamer, political spectator and love to keep fit.

Primary Pokemon Team:-
 - Gallade: Brick Break/Psycho Cut/Leaf Blade/Night Slash
 - Togekiss: Aura Sphere/Air Slash/Shadow Ball/Dazzling Gleam
 - Leafeon: X-Scissor/Seed Bomb/Dig/Synthesis
 - Milotic: Water Pulse/Ice Beam/Attract/Dragon Pulse
 - Volcarona: Heat Wave/Quiver Dance/Psychic/Bug Buzz
 - Dusknoir: Fire Punch/ThunderPunch/ Conf. Ray/Shadow Punch

Special Pokemon Team:-
 - Mewtwo: Thunderbolt/Brick Break/Shadow Ball/Psycho Cut
 - H20 Genesect: Blizzard/X-Scissor/Flash Cannon/Techno Blast
 - Therian Landorus: Earthquake/Fly/Hammer Arm/Rock Slide
 - Darkrai: Focus Blast/Dark Pulse/Dark Void/Dream Eater
 - Yin Kyurem: Drgn Claw/Fusion Bolt/Stone Edge/Freezeshock
 - Arceus: Earth Power/Shadow Force/Psyshock/Judgement

Favourite Pokemon By Type:-
 - Normal: Meloetta
 - Water: Greninja
 - Fire: Heatran
 - Grass: Leafeon
 - Flying: Skarmory
 - Bug: Genesect
 - Poison: Nidoking
 - Rock: Gigalith
 - Ground: Sandslash
 - Electric: Rotom
 - Fighting: Gallade
 - Psychic: Gardevoir
 - Ghost: Dusknoir
 - Dark: Darkrai
 - Fairy: Togekiss
 - Ice: Yin Kyurem
 - Steel: Lucario
 - Dragon: Zygarde

Favourite Mega Evolution: Mewtwo X
Favourite Pokemon Types: Fighting & Psychic
Favourite Generation: VI
First Generation Ever Played: IV

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