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Favorite Pokémon: Glaceon, Mew, Zorua, Ninetails, Lucario, Yvetal
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About me: I like Warriors - the book series by Erin Hunter. It is AMAZING!!! It is one of my very few obsessions! IT IS THAT GOOD! READ IT OR DIE! (Don't take that last scentence literally)

Things that annoy me most:
-People underestimating me or my friends
-Spam (That stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messeges by the way. I'm not joking!)
-Swearing for no apparent reason

I really like writing stuff in general. Music, books, you name it. I also play the violin, piano and sing. I have pokemon Black & Black 2, and I really like the Pokemon anime series!

My hopes for Pokemon X & Y:

1. That pokemon are not re-typed. I'm open to introducing new types, but we all know that Clefairy is a normal-type pokemon. (BTW I'm just using Clefairy as an example)

My speculation for re-typing Clefairy, as well as a lot of other normal-type pokemon like it, came from Sylveon. Sylveon is yet another pokemon with very large blue eyes, and lots of pink on it's body. You look at it and think, "How could it not be a normal-type pokemon, when it resembles Igglybuff and it's evelutions, and Clefairy and it's evelutions, and various other pokemon with blue eyes and a pink body?" But then you realise, Sylveon is an Eeveelution...so it can't be normal type.

This made a lot of people think Sylveon is one of the rumoured new types - Light or Sound. I'm cool with that, but I am NOT cool with the re-typing of normal-type Pokemon. Normal-type pokemon are absolutly fine just the way they are, and I will simply refuse to believe otherwise.

EDIT: Friggn' frig, they changed a bunch of Pokemon types, and worse, they called it FAIRY type...now changing them to Light type looks good, compared to making them...FAIRY types. Why would you even call a pokemon that? *sigh* I could rant on and on...

2. Being able to have Pokemon walk alongside you. Nintendo managed to include this in previous games, but suddenly, you can't do it anymore!

Why? I love the idea of being able to have a pokemon, literally, by my side! Even though at several points through the game in Unova, they say, "Your Pokemon will always be with you wherever you go," and similar, and I'm thinking "Yeah, but their confined to their Pokeballs, and I can't actally bond with them, nor can they actually help me do much at all except in battle." I know the anime and the games are two differant things, but let's face it - if Pikachu never left it's pokeball (or even entered it in the first place) Ash would most certainly be dead.

EDIT: Well, at least you can bond with your Pokemon with Pokemon-amie...

3.  New Mewtwo-like thing is NOT a form. I am sick of forms. Like, if someone walks up to you and goes, "Hey, what  does this pokemon look like if it's not shiny?" and you're like, "Well, it looks like this, but it also looks like this when this happens." POKEMON SHOULD NOT HAVE FORMS FOR NO APPARENT REASON! Like keldeo for instance:

Keldeo: Hey, I learned Secret Sword!
Terrakion: Congratulations! But...what's with the new hairdo?
Keldeo: I...don't know...
Cobalion: Huh. I guess you get a cool new look, just because you learned Secret Sword.
Virision: That's...completely illogical! I mean we don't look any differant, and we know an exclusive legendary move ending in sword!


Sorry...but thankyou for reading my rampage...

Edit: Damn, it is a form >:(

4.Being able to travel to other regions after you finish the game. This is an idea you've probably never heard before, but think about it - wouldn't it be way easier to fill up the pokedex if you could take it outside whatever region you're in?

 5. Hmmm...for my fifth top hope, I'm kind of stuck. I wouldn't be particularly bothered it Fennekin became fire/fighting, I don't care much about custmisation of charachters, and it would probably be foolish to hope that Pokemon Contests are included. It's pretty much confirmed you can catch Pikachu early on (yay!) but I think most of all, besides what I've already said, I hope Pokerus makes a re-appearance. Pokerus rules on many levels. I remember fairly recently, in pokemon black, I encountered a wild pokemon with pokerus, and when Nurse Joy told me, I leapt out of my seat on the couch and said, "Yes! One of my pokemon are seriously ill!" I got some very weird looks from my sister, but meh. Anyway, I stored a few of the Pokemon I never with Pokerus in my PC so I can pass on the virus to any pokemon I feel like making uber-strong :)

So...that's my fifth top hope I guess.

And one more thing! I like doing this:



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I've read almost all of them, except the last two in the fourth series and some of the extras.
...I was a little bit late to reply to this...
I'm still DarkDoom. I just changed my name...
Sep 20, 2013 by DarkDoom
Cool! Which books have you read? @DarkDoom
Aug 11, 2013 by DaCrazyCat
You've read Warriors?:0
I have too!
Jul 28, 2013 by DarkDoom
Ooh, I wall!
Jul 28, 2013 by DaCrazyCat