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If you use a regular move, and you get locked into that move (e.g via encore), can you then use a Z-move? Or does being locked into a regular move stop you from using a Z-move? And what if you get locked into a Z-move? Can you just not move after that, if Z-moves count with getting locked into moves?

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The game is out where I live now, so I think I might as well answer my own question since no-one has given an actual answer yet.

I have done two different battles on showdown demonstrating how Encore works with Z-moves:

Battle 1 Battle 2

As you can see, even when locked into a move with Encore, you can still use a Z-move, and even when locked into a Z-move, the next turn you can use any of your moves, then you get locked into that.

I hope this helps other people too.

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if your locked into a Z-move, the game will either let you use another move and lock you there, or use struggle. Also, you won't be able to use a Z-move while locked into another.

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I guessed that, but if you don't mind, I wanted to know which one. Also, would you be able to use a Z-move while locked into a regular move?