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If I have a Pixilate Sylveon that knows Hyper Voice, holding a Normalium-Z, and I tell her to use Hyper Voice, what will happen? Is it one of these scenarios?

1 - I select Hyper Voice, technically a Normal move, and Sylveon uses Breakneck Blitz, the Normal Z-Move. The crystal doesn't account for Pixilate making it Fairy type.
2 - I select Hyper Voice, which becomes Fairy-type with Pixilate, and Sylveon uses Twinkle Tackle, the Fairy Z-Move. The crystal does account for Pixilate.
3 - I cannot use the Normalium-Z because the game counts Pixilate Hyper Voice as a Fairy move.

In the event of Scenario 3, will a Fairium-Z turn Hyper Voice into Twinkle Tackle?

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The first scenario is correct.
Note that I used Aurorus because I have personal problems with Sylveon.

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Aurorus is better than Sylveon anyways.
ALWAYS. unforunately it only evolves at night.
My sylveon is better than any other sylveon because of 3 things:
1. maxed EV hp and maxed EV Sp.Def
3 HP AND Sp.Def are in the 200's at lvl.50 battles.
Not to brag but i thought that it would be good to share