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For example, if you were to use Breakneck Blitz for Fake Out, would it flinch the target? And would you only be able to use that particular move the first turn the Pokemon is in battle?


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Z moves are used with any move of the same type as the Z-crystal, so with Normalium Z, you would get Breakneck Blitz as Z-fake out, which wold have the same effects as fake out, but with a little extra thanks to the Z crystal. As to it only being able to be used on the first turn, it is likely, as Z-moves normally hold on to a lot of effects of the original move, but the Z-crystal might make the move better by taking that part away. I don't have the game, but will soon, and this is just a hypothesis.

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actually, a few hours agor my friend with a meowth said fakeout was breakeck blitz rather than z-fakeout, but that haven't tested whether it works after the first turn or flinches the target
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