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Member for: 7 years (since Feb 3, 2014)
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Gender: just a fucked up little lad
Country: 6 ft under
Favorite Pokémon: Toxel
Friend Codes: SW-7624-2450-5231

Games I have:

Gen 3: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen
Gen 4: Diamond, HeartGold, SoulSilver
Gen 5: White 2
Gen 6: X, Alpha Sapphire
Gen 7: Moon, Ultra Moon, Let's Go Eevee
Gen 8: Sword
Spinoffs: PMD: Explorers of Sky, PMD: Explorers of Darkness, Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, Pokemon Conquest, PMD: DX
About me: I am very dumb and stupid, but I care a lot about Pokemon.

I apologize in advance if you ever come across the cringe shit I posted here in 2014. I was like 12 lmao

Current shiny hunts:
Mareep, HGSS (1359 REs)
Espurr, Sword (MM + SC, 110 Eggs)
Maractus, Sword (REs + SC, 287 REs)

Sword Shinies:
-Vibez the Toxtricity (MM, 3485 eggs)
-Shortcake the Cinccino (MM, 176 eggs)
-Star the Galarian Rapidash (MM, 7 eggs)
-Garnet the Gyarados (Raid)
-Comet the Lucario (Raid)
-Stunfisk (Full odds random shiny)
-Ash the GMax Coalossal (Raid)
-Mitya the Luxray (MM, 650 eggs)
-Aria the shiny Lilligant (MM, 135 eggs)
-The Boys the shiny Falinks (MM, 134 eggs)

SoulSilver Shinies:
-Azula the (female!) shiny Cyndaquil (11,694 seen/3,898 SRs)

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Oct 13, 2020 by TY ™
i just assume people that haven't had wall posts in a year or more have left the site and therefore died.
Jun 4, 2020 by SpillThePolteageist
Jun 4, 2020 by SpillThePolteageist
oh damn you're a sophomore what gosh you're old
Sep 22, 2016 by MeowingHorse
Aug 18, 2016 by Jellohamster
You liek vaporeon?
Then youre awesome!
Nov 24, 2014 by LeafeonLol>:D
Sep 9, 2014 by TY ™
Your frad? :D
Aug 26, 2014 by MeowingHorse
I'm not your friend? ;-;
Aug 10, 2014 by MeowingHorse
Omg adorable grav
Jul 27, 2014 by Umbreon9519