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If the answer is "breeding", please specify each of the parents and the moves they should know and the items they should hold.

FYI items don't affect the passing down of egg moves. Unless it's Pikachu.

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I have found that there is an easier way to get a Gallade with Taunt. You can breed a male Croagunk or Toxicroak, which learns Taunt via level up, with a female Ralts or Kirlia. The result will be a Ralts knowing Taunt, and you can keep hatching eggs until you get a male.

Breeding Guide (Look at “Passing down moves”)
Toxicroak PokéDex (Look at “Moves learnt by level up”)
Ralts PokéDex (Look at “Moves learnt by TM”)

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You cannot, unfortunately, get a Gallade with Taunt by any means other than TM. Taunt is not one of Gallade's egg moves in Gen IV. The TM is located on Route 111 in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and in Ilex Forest, Burned Tower and the Celadon City Dept. Store in HeartGold/SoulSilver.

EDIT: I suppose you could trade with someone you know in real life for a Taunt Gallade. Then you're not technically using any TMs.

Darn. But is it true that the TM for taunt can be obtained unlimited times in HGSS?
Yes, because you can buy it.
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