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I need to know for the strategy that I'm making.

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It depends on speed. Taunt when used on slow Pokémon doesn't go very fast, and when sucker punch is used on a Pokémon about to taunt, it depends on speed and sucker punch will fail, while taunt still works. If use by prankster, however, it will have priority. If used with prankster and the opposing Pokémon uses Priority, it depends on speed. If extreme speed is used against prankster taunt, extreme speed will go first.

Sucker punch is an unique move, as it goes first, but it only works if the target is ready to attack. However it will fail if the Pokémon is not ready to attack. Sucker Punch against sucker punch, it will fail. It will also fail if the target moves before the sucker punch. Therefore, making sucker punch the fastest, but if it is against prankster taunt, it depends on speed.

Hope this helps!

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Your welcome :)
This is not true as Prankster makes the status moves +1 in priority and Sucker Punch is +1 in priority. Meaning it relies on who is faster.
It will fail anyway so it doesn't matter.
Ik I'm just stating the flaw in your answer :P
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You mean in priority? Sucker Punch goes first though with Taunt it relies on speed or Prankster.

Ok I see it would depend on the speed. So if one Prankster Pokemon used Taunt and the other Pokemon used Sucker Punch it would depend on who is faster. (Though the one with Sucker Punch would fail :P)

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Sorry I meant if Taunt was used by a Pokemon with Prankster