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Both of the aformentioned Pokemon's speciality is to sweep teams with Sucker Punch using raised attack(Swords Dance for Bisharp, Moxie for Honchkrow).

I would like:

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • The verdict: Who is the better choice?

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Bisharp's Pros:

3 Weaknesses
Defiant; Which is great if Sticky Web is on the field
Great Attack Stat
Intimidate helps Defiant
Many resistances plus immunities
Covers Fighting Weakness with Psycho Cut

Bisharp's Cons:

4x Fighting Weakness
Usually gets 2HKOd
Anything faster and can take sucker punch destroys it

Honchkrow's Pros:

Great Hp stat
Ground Immunity
Brave Bird

Honchkrow's Cons:

4 Weankesses
Usually OHKOd
Horrible Defense and Special Defense

Overall, I would pick Bisharp because of its bulk, Attack, defiant and swords dance

Hope I helped!

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