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I fail to see why everything has it.

It's too bad I don't have time for an essay :P Basically it protects (no pun intended) your Pokémon from disruption like Fake Out (very important for Sashed 'mons), Thunder Wave, Will-o-Wisp, et cetera, or powerful attacks like Double-Edge or Earthquake while the Protecting Pokémon's partner takes out the threat on the other side. Protect can be uses to stall the opponent if you just need a bit more Burn or Hail damage. It's also useful for scouting, like if the opposing Salamence has Return or Double-Edge. Pokémon like Ferrothorn and Mega Venusaur use it to get free HP from Leftovers or Leech Seed.
Thanks! Isn't that kind of the answer though?

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It could be used as a filler move. And as Mr. Grime said it protects which it can if you use a weak Pokemon, say Heatran against an Ground type. You could save them using Protect to get your partner say Hydreigon with Surf (yes he can learn Surf, in case you didn't know). Then if the opponent say Donphan uses Earthquake then it doesn't affect Mr. Heatran, which allows you to then use your Hydreigon with Surf, not affecting the Heatran but affecting the Donphan, destroying the threat.
And I mean say you got 1 HP left and you use Protect in a Hailstorm with a Pokemon with Leftovers or Sitrus Berry. HAH! You just healed yourself using Protect and kept your 1 hp and more.That my dear Watson is the Power Of Protect and why it is so crucial to a team.

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And even after all this, I'm not entirely sure that's what you meant :/
What do you mean?