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So I was building a VGC team and my leads are usually Follow Me Clefable + Some boosting Pkmn or Hitmontop with Quick Guard and Wide Guard. The problem is that Clefable and Hitmontop usually get fake out by faster Pokemon (like Mega-Khan, Liepard, etc) and cant use Follow me or one of the Guards to protect my other Pokemon. I dont want to waste a slot using Protect because I really need the other moves. Any suggestion on how to avoid being fake out?

Use a ghost Pokemon like sableye that can learn fakeout.
Fake out is a priority move. It can only be avoided by ghost typing or some other immunity.
Having stuff like Ferrothorn to switch in and take the Fake Out is also quite a reliable counter. Also, playing around Fake Out rather than avoiding it is a much more resourceful way of tackling this problem, which is what most people do.

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Well avoiding a priority move like that doesn't have a lot of answers. The only solutions are to either use a Pokemon with ghost typing, just swallow the tough pill of using protect or another protecting move (that's generally recommended for VGC and most of the winning competitors run it on most of their sets) or add in a Pokemon with inner focus to your team.
Particularly strong choices would be Bisharp or Lucario, as they're both strong OU choices and inner focus lucario who boosts in regular form them mega evolves for priority could be a thing.
And Bisharp is just a generally huge threat, and also most opponents will assume he has defiant and play cautiously around that if they have Lando-T.

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