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I was reading today's [Pokémon of the Week][1] on Serebii, and the featured 'Mon was Hitmontop. In the Doubles section it says that prior to Gen VI, there were two VGC formats called TopOgre and TopMoth. I know that the "Top" part is referencing Hitmontop, but what Pokémon represent "Ogre" and "Moth"? Also, what are the TopOgre and TopMoth strategies?

I'm almost positive Ogre goes for Kyogre. For Moth well... one could guess it's Groudon but no solid proof.

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>TopOgre combined the best Restricted Pokémon, Kyogre, with our good pal Hitmontop to create a devastating attacking combination. Scarf Kyogre is one of the best attackers in the game as very few Pokémon can withstand Water Spout, and those that do cannot withstand it while also taking a Technician Life Orb Mach Punch from Hitmontop.


This just involves a Volcarona instead of Kyogre, because Kyogre has been banned in Gen V VGC (being a non-Unova Pokemon). Here's how the thing works:

>This set is very similar to the old Kyogre: a powerful STAB spread move combined with great speed. Unlike Kyogre, however, Volcarona requires a set up. Hitmontop provides the support and almost guarantees the Quiver Dance with Fake Out. From there however, Volcarona is 4x weak to one of the most popular attacks: Rock Slide. Hitmontop continues to provide support with Wide Guard preventing Rock Slide from hitting Volcarona.

These aren't formats at all, but rather strategies. It involves Hitmontop providing constant support with Life Orb and Technician boosted Fake Out and Mach Punch (Wide Guard also for Volcarona), and basically weakening the opponents before they face the nuke. The nuke here, in TopOgre is Kyogre and in TopMoth is Volcarona, who utilize Water Spout and Heat Wave respectively.

Hope I helped!

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