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I’m pretty bad at VGC. But I kinda want to try it out.

I have a few questions. First, what are some tips for VGC teams? How do you build a good VGC team? How do you decide if two Pokémon work well alongside each other?

Also, I want to ask why Pokémon like Whimsicott, Togekiss, Tyranitar, and Dusclops are so popular? Why are things like SE damage reducing berries used so much?

Last thing. Why are there status moves with Choice items? Which I’ve (much to my surprise) seen before.

Hope this isn’t too much to ask.

This is as a comment because it doesn't fully answer your question, but I want to say that I do know a bit why those certain pokemon are used. (Note that these are from what I know, so they may not be the exact reasons, but I will try my best)  Whimsicott: prankster and tailwind make a good combo, speeds up team pretty good. Sorry I could help more. Hope this helps a bit though
Togekiss: Serene grace and air slash do have a good chance of flinch. Paired with a scarf, it makes it hard for the opponent to attack. Tyranitar: dunno, sand stream maybe? It can tank pretty well with high defense and increased sp defense from sandstorm. Dusclops: eviolite and high defense and special defense makes it another good tank. Because it's defensive stats are pretty high, leftovers would probably work pretty well too.
Also, there is no world championships this year be use of the virus. I looked it up
Okay maybe there is but I'm pretty sure it's canceled
The problem with Togekiss is that in VGC it usually uses a Super Luck + Scope Lens set with Follow Me.

Also this is showdown :P
Okay I dunno then. Also I'm not very good so I really don't follow what's going on for the world championship. Also, I don't have swsh either so it really wouldn't effect me
There will be a championship called the players cup, you can watch it on YouTube.

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I’ve played VGC a lot before, so I decided to answer.

Some tips for building VGC teams:

Do the Pokemon in your team go well together? VGC teams should have supporters and attackers, and often redirection and speed control are essential. Redirection (Ally Switch, Follow Me) are important for supporters. It can help an ally set up. Another example of redirection is abilities like Storm Drain and Volt Absorb. This is one reason why Togekiss is such a well used Pokemon, it gets Follow Me. Speed control (trick room, tailwind) are reasons to use Dusclops and Whimsicott respectively. As for Tyranitar, it looks cool. Only joking, it is used because of Sand Stream, which is weather control and is the core of sand teams that often also include Exadrill. That’s an example of a good team combo, Tyranitar and Exadrill. Their abilities go great together and they both highly benefit from Sand because of their typings. Another example of why a Pokemon goes well win another is Whimsicott and Dracovish. Whimsicott can use Tailwind to boost Dracovish’s speed to help with Fishous Rend. Their moves support each other.

When I build a VGC team, I often have an idea of it in my head or make a team based around a certain Pokemon. I get a Pokemon, make a set for it then look at its ability, weaknesses, EVs and moves and decide on a good ally for it. For example, the other day I was building a team around Inteleon, so I saw that it had low bulk and no Focus Sash, so I decided to run a Togekiss for Follow Me. Rotom Heat was my next Pokemon because it resists both of Inteleon’s weaknesses.

That’s pretty much it.

Hope I helped!

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Thanks! :)
Thanks! Also, I forgot to mention choice items and berries. Choice status moves are usually ones like Will-o-wisp. They're fine because there are two opponents out, so two to burn, also switching is common after a burn on a physical attacker so hey may hen switch o another Pokemon to bun, or you could just switch yourself. The berries are useful on support Pokemon to reduce their weaknesses.