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I wanted to start getting into VGC, and I heard showdown had it. Maybe i'm wrong, but it probs has doubles, which is basically VGC (as far as I know). So, what are basically the "staples"? Like in 1v1s, there are sweepers, walls, wallbreakers, etc. What are the main things in VGC? I know screen setters are kinda common

use protect
It helps a bit but I still want an answer because its easier to read than watch imo. (i'm weird to a lot of people now welp)
That doesn't seem weird to me, I completely agree.

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My source is outdated, but I would assume not much has changed.

  1. You want synergy between team members. Having a lot of Pokemon of the same type probably isn't a good idea, unless it's for something like rain.

  2. Learn the metagame. Learning which Pokemon are top threats can show you how to use them, and how to beat them.

  3. Items such as super effective damage reducing berries seem popular, from what I've seen of VGC (which is albeit not much, but still). I believe things like Weakness Policy work well. A prime example of that would be Coalossal with Steam Engine and Weakness Policy getting hit with Surf from teammate Sneasel, making it a very potent sweeper.

  4. Use moves to your advantage. Protect is seen a lot, as if you can correctly predict what your opponent will do, you have the potential of wasting their entire turn. Things like Tailwind can also be used effectively, in order to give your team a boost.

  5. Balance. Don't make a full team of stallers, or six sweepers. Have a variety of roles on your team.

  6. Figure out what you want to do with your team. Weather is quite prevalent.

  7. Figure out what the threats to your team are. Find ways to counter those threats.

  8. Test the team! It won't get better until you keep playing with it.

My source covers some details I did not. Hope I helped!

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Supporters - These are very big in VGC, as they allow other Pokemon to deal more damage, move quicker, and take hits. The series 5 meta was dominated bun Togekiss, a very supportive offensive supporter, that used Follow Me to protect allies from attacks, letting them set up or just live hits. Other support Pokemon include Dusclops, who sets up trick room, allowing slower Pokemon to move quickly and Whimsicott, who uses a prankster Tailwind to boost ally’s speed and Taunt to block other supporters, and the ultimate support Pokemon was in Incineroar. With access to Fake Out and Partibg Shot as well as a good attack stat, it’s pretty amazing.

Sweepers - These also have VGC usage. Physical sweepers include Rillaboom, a huge offensive Pokemon that has terrain control and Fake Out and Exadrill, who is amazing in sand teams because of Sand Rush. Special sweepers include Togekiss, who is also used as a sweeper as well as supporter, making it very versatile and Venusaur, who also had Sleep Powder as well as great sp. attack.

These are the main Pokemon used in VGC, but there are other roles like tank, which Celesteela used highly in 2017 and 2019.